Hampshire Potato Day

The 19th Hampshire Potato Day will be held on Potato Day, Sat 28 and Sunday 29 January 2017 – 10am – 3pm

Testbourne Community Centre, Micheldever Road, Whitchurch RG28 7JF


Entry adults £2, accompanied children free

As seen on BBC TV’s Inside Out

Videos of the 2016 event are here (thanks to Gardengirl Gardener) and 2 from Alan Wilson’s great new website here and here

Pictures of earlier events are here

The 18th Potato Day was open for 2 days we had 110 varieties available as individual tubers, 25 of which were also available as organically grown seed, all were priced at 17p per tuber (7 for £1) or in competitively priced 2.5kg nets – the list of varieties we hope to have this year, with the prices per net, is here.

Potato Pic


There’ll be a free and exclusive coloured potato (see picture here) for each child bringing his/her parents along and the children will get in free

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Get advice

Get advice from Alan Wilson author of books on Potatoes and we hope, in addition to potato seed sales we will hope to have, yet again, the following have said they will return in 2017:

The location is Testbourne Centre, Micheldever Road, Whitchurch which is just off the A34, 4 miles north of its junction with the A303. There’ll be signs from the A34. (see the map).

When you’ve visited the Day, why not try out some of Whitchurch’s eating places or the Silk Mill – there’s a special 2 for the price of one entry tickets for those visiting the Hampshire Potato Day

To advertise the event, there is an A4 poster here and an A5 poster here (2 on one A4 page) they are Adobe Acrobat files

Don’t rush to get your favourite variety – there will be fresh stock of all varieties each day.

Seed Swap

Seed Swaps are becoming popular at various venues up and down the country with Brighton’s Seedy Sunday being the largest. We will have a selection of seeds available for visitors to swap for those they have brought along, if anyone would like to take more than they bring, a small contribution will cover the “transaction”. All seeds (provided they are viable) are welcome, flowers, vegetables, wild flowers, trees and shrubs, be they home collected or those surplus to requirements from packets overfilled by seed companies. For home collected seed all we ask is that it is labelled with the name of the species, variety and the year it was collected, if it’s unusual some details would be helpful. Pay envelopes (about 3½” x 4½”) are perfect containers but any small envelope will do, provided they are well sealed to stop the seeds leaking out.

Organic Fertilisers

Although now available in garden centres the prices are quite high. We will have stocks of

Dried blood – 1.5kg for ~£2.50
Fish, blood and bone meal – 2kg for ~£2.50
Bone meal – 2kg for ~£2.50
Seaweed Meal – 1kg for ~£2.50

Green Manure

Green manures are a very useful way to build up the fertility in the soil, without have to make and transport compost/manure. Over winter they also dramatically reduce the leaching of nutrients. One problem is that (like lots of potato varieties they are not easily available. We intend to have a small number of the 10 or so main green manures available at over 30% off retail prices:

Spring/SummerLate Summer/Overwinter
Alfalfa (lucerne) – coverage 40 sq m
Buckwheat – coverage 15 sq m
Crimson Clover – coverage 30 sq m
Fenugreek – coverage 20 sq m
Field Beans – coverage 6 sq m
Lupin, Blue – coverage 20 sq m
Mustard – coverage 25 sq m
Phacelia – coverage 25 sq m
Grazing Rye – coverage 6 sq m
Trefoil – coverage 35 sq m
Tares – coverage 10 sq m

This page was last updated on 19th February 2016

This event is sponsored by Working4Whitchurch
and supported by, Hampshire Organic Gardening Group, the Friends of Whitchurch Primary School and the good folk of Whitchurch. Repost by Garuda Website